Terms of service

The company VALmarket j.s.c. (p.iva LT360066716), with registered office in Kalnieciu g. 219, LT50139 Kaunas, in the person of the legal representative pro tempore, through the website https://mambobaby.eu brings to the attention of the Customers carefully selected products for the purpose of purchase. The Users can purchase the available products listed in the electronic catalog present in mambobaby.eu webpage using the “point and click” method. Before proceeding with the purchase of the product, the customer is required to carefully read and accept the present General Conditions of Sale, written in English language, which are made available in the site to allow reading, copy, storage and filing, as well as to give the consent to the processing of personal data referred to in point 16).


ART. 1

Mambobaby.eu is the website through which the company VALmarket j.s.c. (p.iva LT360066716), with registered office in Kalnieciu g. 219, LT50139 Kaunas, in the person of the legal representative pro tempore, carries out his entrepreneurial activity.

The site can be reached via the URL https://mambobaby.eu.

The contact details of mambobaby.eu, for the purpose of exercising the rights granted to the Customer by the present contract, are the following: e-mail info@mambobaby.eu.

“Customer” means the adult natural person who concludes the contract for the purchase of one or more products from those present in the electronic catalog of the portal mambobaby.eu.


ART. 2

Contracting parties to this contract are VALmarket j.s.c., in the person of the legal representative pro tempore, and the User who purchases the product through the website mambobaby.eu.

The informations about VALmarket j.s.c. are provided in the art. 1) of the present contract, while the details of the Buyer must be indicated by him/her during the purchase procedure.

The User is responsible for the truthfulness of the data given.

VALmarket j.s.c. will use the Customer’s data for the sole purpose of executing the conditions of this contract and they will neither be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of manufacturers/suppliers or couriers, nor used for purposes other than what is provided for in art. 16) of this contract.

The Customer has the right to create a personal account to access the secure area of the website, where it may, as an illustrative yet incomplete example, change the contact details and/or access credentials communicated by mambobaby.eu through e-mail at the moment of registration.


ART. 3

The General Conditions regulate the purchase, made by the User, of a product among those contained in the electronic catalog of mambobaby.eu.

Some rights listed in these General Conditions, for example the right of withdrawal, apply to the non-professional Customer and not to the professional Customer who buys for the purpose of a business activity.


ART. 4

The Customer can select one or more products from those specified as available on the electronic catalog of mambobaby.eu website, using the “point and click” mode, and proceed with their purchase upon acceptance of the present General Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

The electronic catalog is constantly updated and the availability of each product may change without any notification.

In the catalog, for each product are shown informative images (when available), the technical characteristics, the price of sale and the approximate delivery times.

The User can choose one or more products available and insert them in the “cart”.

To complete the procedure of purchase, the Customer must view and accept these General Conditions, as well as read and accept the statements on the processing of personal data by selecting the “I acknowledge and submit ” box.

After accepting the General Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the Customer is required to insert the personal data, including the address where the purchased product will be delivered.

Before proceeding to payment a page summarizing the product or the products selected and the price inclusive of taxes, shipping costs and any additional fee, is shown to the Customer, that is also required to confirm the order by selecting the “Buy” box.

Once the purchase is confirmed, the Customer proceeds to pay the price shown, following the steps indicated.

Once the purchase has been completed, mambobaby.eu will send the purchase order to the manufacturers/suppliers of the product, who will arrange the shipping.

As soon as the manufacturers/suppliers will take charge of the purchase order, mambobaby.eu will send a confirmation e-mail to the User at the e-mail address provided, with a summary of the purchase order, the order code and

how to check the shipping/delivery status of the product.



The products that the Customer can buy are only those specified as available on the electronic catalog of mambobaby.eu. The images and informative sheets concerning the technical characteristics of the products are directly provided by the manufacturer/supplier. Mambobaby.eu does not bear any responsibility in case of discrepancy between the image presented in the electronic catalog and the product received, or in case of non-truthfulness of the technical characteristics indicated by manufacturers/suppliers in the product informative sheet. In case of difference between the image and the informations shown in the product sheet, always base on the description of the product sheet.


ART. 6

In the electronic catalog in addition to images and informative sheets, for each product is indicated the purchase price, only including VAT.

Possible discounts or promotions are specified in the electronic catalog together with the original price of the product. The discount percentage applied and the validity time of the discount or promotion are also shown.

Shipping fares are indicated in the page summarizing the order of purchase, together with any additional costs or fees.

If addictional expenses can not be evaluated in advance, it will be clearly explained that such extras could be charged to the Customer.


ART. 7

The payment of the price of the product or products purchased takes place via PayPal or Stripe, following the procedure shown in mambobaby.eu website.

The informations related to the User’s PayPal or Stripe account are managed directly from PayPal or Stripe sites via secure connection. No data is acquired or registered by mambobaby.eu, which only checks the outcome of the transaction.

Potential return of the product to seller and/or refund of the price to the customer, even incomplete, will take place using the same methods and the same payment channels mentioned above.


ART. 8

Mambobaby.eu sends the purchase order to the manufacturer/supplier in the shortest time possible, in any case within 48 hours after receving notification of it.

During the weekends and the main holiday periods (Christmas, New Year’s, etc …), the timing indicated may change.

The manufacturer/supplier, after receiving the purchase order, sends the product to the Customer, at the address provided, within the indicated delivery time and in any case within the maximum term of 30 days from the conclusion of the contract.

The Customer can check the shipping/delivery status of the product using the methods indicated on the mambobaby.eu site, inserting the code sent to him/her by e-mail.

In the event of a delay in the shipping/delivery of the product, mambobaby.eu informs the Customer by e-mail.

The days and times of delivery will be communicated to the Customer directly by the manufacturer/supplier or by the appointed courier.

In case of failure to deliver the product within 30 days, the Customer has the right to indicate a new reasonable time to obtain the delivery.

In case of non-delivery of the product within the new term, the Customer can terminate the contract and obtain a refund without delay of the amounts paid during the execution of the contract.

The procedure to terminate the contract and have the manufacturer/supplier refund the price will be managed by mambobaby.eu on behalf of the Customer.

The price paid by the Customer for the purchase of the product will be refund without delay and in any case within 14 days, using the same channels of the payment.

In any case, because the product is shipped from the manufacturer/supplier, mambobaby.eu bears no responsibility for delays in delivery compared to the timing claimed.


ART. 9

Product availability in the electronic catalog may change without any notification, in the case of a concurrent purchase by several Users or in the event of the manufacturers/suppliers sale of all stock before receiving the notification of the purchase order. In the event that a purchased product is no longer available from the manufacturer/supplier, the Customer is entitled to a full refund of the price paid. In this case, mambobaby.eu will refund the price paid without delay and in any case within 14 days from the request, using the same channels of the payment.


ART. 10

The Customer is required to verify that the product received is undamaged and that it corresponds to the one purchased.

If the good or the packaging is damaged, the Customer must refuse the delivery of the product, writing the reasons of the refusal on the transport document, or declare on the transport document that the “good is received with reservation”.

In the event of an item with non-evident damages, the Customer must write to mambobaby.eu at the addresses indicated in point 1), notifying the presence of defects caused by the transport and attaching a photo record.

If the Customer accepts the delivery without reservation of an item with clear damages, or, in case of acceptance  with reservation or non-evident damages, he/she does not notify the damage in writing within 8 days from the delivery date, the right to ask repair / replacement of the product and reduction or refund of the price paid does not apply.

If the delivery of the product proves impossible for reasons not caused by mambobaby.eu, the latter can apply the right to cancel the order of purchase.

In this case the price paid by the User will be fully refunded without delay and in any case within 14 days from cancellation, using the same channelsof the payment.


ART. 11

The good delivered to the Customer must conform to the product description, be suitable for the purpose intended, have the qualities and the performance described by the manufacturer/supplier in the public statements and, in any case, it must have the usual qualities and performances of a good of the same kind.

If at the time of the conclusion of the contract the Consumer was aware of the defect or could not reasonably ignore it, or the lack of conformity originates in materials supplied by the Customer, no lack of conformity is considered to occur.

Mambobaby.eu is not responsible for the public statements of the manufacturer/supplier when the former:

– proves to be unaware of such statements and could not reasonably know them;

– proves that the statements were changed before the time of the conclusion

of the contract;

– proves that the decision to buy the good has not been influenced by the public statements.

In case of lack of conformity of the good, the Customer has the right to apply for the repair of the product or replacement of it within a reasonable time, without additional costs, or to apply for a reduction of the price or the termination of the contract.

The right to terminate the contract does not apply in case of a minor lack of conformity.

Mambobaby.eu will manage the procedure with the manufacturer/supplier on behalf of the Customer.

If repair or replacement is impossible, or too expensive, the Customer can apply for a price reduction or contract termination and refund of the price paid.

The Customer must report to Mambobaby.eu the defects of conformity of the item and carry out the options indicated above within the term of 2 months from the discovery of the defects. In any case the procedure cannot be carried out later than 2 years from the date of delivery of the product, except for the application of more favorable instructions provided for by the national legislation of the country of residence of the Customer (the British law provides for a short term of 30 days from the delivery to refuse the goods and get the full refund of the price; after the 30-day deadline, the Consumer must first request the repair or replacement of the product and only if the aforementioned options result too much onerous or impossibile to carry out, a price reduction or a termination of the contract can be requested).
Once these terms have expired, the warraty does not apply anymore for any defect of conformity.
Mambobaby.eu, in case of a request for price reduction or termination of the contract, can propose the Customer to accept one or more free coupons to buy others products on mambobaby.eu. The Customer is free to accept this solution in place of the return of money and, in case of acceptance, the User is not entitled to further compensation or refund.
Mambobaby.eu, not being a manufacturer/supplier, is not responsible for the defects of conformity of the purchased good except for cases of fraud or serious negligence.
In order to apply for price reduction, the Customer must send a description of the defects of the product, with a photo record attached, to mambobaby.eu at the e-mail address: info@mambobaby.eu.
In case of repair/ replacement of the product or termination of the contract, the good must be sent back to mambobaby.eu and contact the customer care.
The price will be refunded without delay and in any case within the term of 14 days using the same channels of the payment, after receiving the item.
Mambobaby.eu has the right to inspect the returned goods before refunding the money to the client. If the defects of the product are caused by an incorrect use of the good, or failure to comply with the rules for use and storage reported on the information sheet (or otherwise clearly known to the Customer, therefore considered as knowledge shared by both sides),  mambobaby.eu can deny to the Customer the aforementioned conditions of warranty.


ART. 12

Mambobaby.eu is not a manufacturer, supplier or importer of the purchased product, nor an intermediary of them.

Mambobaby.eu does not manufacture the product nor participates in any way in the realization of the same and does not know its technical characteristics or qualities.

The informative sheets are provided by the manufacturer/supplier.

For this reason, in case of damage caused by the use of the product purchased, the sole responsible for the damage compensation is the manufacturer/supplier of the good.

Mambobaby.eu commits to communicate the informations about the manufacturer/supplier if requested by the Customer, without delay and in any case within the maximum term of 3 months from the request.

The responsibility of the manufacturer/supplier can be reduced or excluded if the damage was caused by the damaged person.

The Customer must make a request of compensation for damages caused by the product within the term of three years from the acknowledgement of the damage or defect, or from the acknowledgement of the identity of the responsible for the damage.

The liability for product damage ceases after a ten years term from the delivery of the product.

For the same reasons, mambobaby.eu cannot be considered responsible in case of non-compliance of the product with current regulations on safety.

It is responsibility of the Customer to verify from the technical sheet of the products if they are compliant with EC legislation or national laws.

In case of non-compliance of the product with the safety laws, mambobaby.eu, at Customer’s request, commits to communicate the informations about the manufacturer/supplier without delay and in any case within the maximum term of 3 months from the request.


ART. 13

The Customer has the right to make any complaints or reports, or to request assistance for the purchases made, writing to the e-mail address: info@mambobaby.eu, or using the procedures provided by PayPal and Stripe. Complaints and reports will be processed by mambobaby.eu as soon as possible.


ART. 14

In accordance with the EU Regulation n. 524/2013, the Parties involved may settle out-of-court the disputes related to the obligations of the present contract using an ADR body included in the list in accordance with the Article 20 (2) of Directive 2013/11 / EU, that involves the use of the ODR platform. Regarding disputes with a customer related to validity, effectiveness, application, interpretation and execution of this contract, in case the Customer is the plaintiff and mambobaby.eu is the defendant, the Parties agree that the Court of Padova is competent to decide. For disputes with a professional Customer related to validity, effectiveness, application, interpretation and execution of this contract, the Parties agree that the Court of Padova is competent to decide.